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Tuesday, August 30, 2016

If "No" is the Worst Result, Why Not?


Me: sweaty, smiling, carrying a yoga mat waiting to cross the street.
He: not sweaty, smiling, also waiting to cross the street.

After walking together across the street for four blocks, chatting about the morning and our plans for the afternoon, he asked for my number. I smiled and said "thanks, but I'm taken." True or not, my response was a polite "no" and life moves on.

The risk taken to ask was small, the worst that will come of it is no and the best...well only imagination could tell. That is the purpose of risking, to see if what "is" can be something different. It surprises me how seldom we take that small risk to connect with others.

Saturday, August 20, 2016

Brief Opportunities


She: sitting on her yoga mat, feet bare, visibly self-consciousness
Me: late to class (of course), quick to settle in, less-than-calm

After setting my shoes and keys aside, she said a large good morning and commented on the wonder of us all being here at such an early hour on a Saturday. My response was polite and we chatted a bit about our practices. It is nice to know the ones you're spending an hour near. At the end, I hurried my mat away to say hello to some familiar faces at the other side of the practice space. I wonder now: what opportunity did I miss in not slowing down, chatting some more? The risk was low, but the comfortably of being seen by faces I am already familiar was easier than risking another interaction with the stranger beside me.

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Best Festivals in Columbus, Ohio

So, spring is springing and my calendar is itching to be filled with all of the lovely summertime fun that can be had in Columbus, Ohio. Those locals and transplants-who-are-learning-to-love-it-here know that Columbus is a city filled with festivals, often overlapping and requiring skilled planning. I have been to a lot of the big events but in no way I have I been to all, so this short list is certainly biased by my inability to be everywhere at all times and with an unlimited bank account. If I had to choose just three festivals, these are my top pics:

1. Dublin Irish Festival

Okay, this is not technically in Columbus but it is the best festival around. There is dancing, music, shopping, story tellers, Irish Dogs, and food! Really, it is the music that is the big draw for me. No, it is the dancing that gets me here every year. Or, maybe it is the fact that I am on the planning committee...yeah, that is another reason I make it here! I was raised to think I am Irish and regardless of truth, I am Irish this entire weekend.

2. Columbus Art Festival

The Arts Festival is a pretty big deal. Artists from around the country are here to show and sell their amazing art. There is always at least one vendor displaying something I have never ever seen before, and that is really saying something because I look at art and crafts constantly. There is no admission fee to check out this festival. It does get very, very crowded so I recommend going early and not during meal times when it gets so packed you cannot move.

3. Columbus Pride

Need I say more?

4. The DooDah Parade is not a festival.

For the first time in my years hanging around this city, I made it to the DooDah Parade in 2014. I laughed nearly the entire parade (which lasted about 90 minutes). The weirdos in this city are simply amazing. The creativity of the entries (from giant balloon people to dogs dressed in black tie), there is humor and political commentary galore. I can't wait to see this parade again this year and will only dream to be as witty and culturally with it as those who walk in this parade. It's a lovely weird time.