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Friday, November 14, 2008

Almost Friday the 13th. Its about love.

A while back I proffered the question: What cause would you die for? I always wished I had been 25 years old during the 60s and 70s when racial integration was in its prime and Janis Joplin was singing her songs of woe.

The idea of being martyred for a cause is so romantic yet disgusting at the same time. I am a very fickle creature, always changing my mind about what I think and how I want my world to unravel. Finding something that I would hands-down put on the line under any condition was a challenging question.

At first I thought I would lay my life down to protect immigrant rights. I am passionate about welcoming the stranger and giving a safe haven for those in need. In reality though, its not an issue I would actually go to war over.

Homelessness, unequal pay, sexual harassment, the poor, the hungry, cancer research, basic education, ending affirmative action.... these too are issues which illicit my time through volunteering, my money through fundraising and my prayers to god. But none of these issues get me ready to fight.

The only issue I have found that is strong enough to gain the title of "something I would die to protect" is gay rights in the United States.

While I think the idea of Gay Marriage is incredibly premature (for instance, in Ohio you can still be fired for being gay), it is the issue being debated today, and tomorrow and well in to the future. And if I were ever to bear arms to promote any rights, it would be the rights of gays to be equal members of society. It is an issue of equality, social justice and love. I don't see how there can be any other answer to the question of social inclusion.

Here's a link to the best illustration of what I mean:

I only asked myself this question, but would love to have your feedback on things you're willing to lay your life down to preserve.

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