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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

I blame the Christians...

You see, at my school we are very lucky to have free coffee on Tuesday mornings. The Christian Legal Society provides this treat. And we are also very luck to have free thermos mugs. The mugs are from Westlaw, who I think by the end of this post, you too will agree, are in cahoots with the Christian Legal Society. (see the picture of my beloved mug)

So, It was some time at the end of last semester that I decided to have just *one* cup of this free coffee. And it was very good. The following week I did the same time, but later tat same day I went back to have a second cup. That was when I discovered how it feels to be jittery: my mind races, I concentrate intensely, my mind races, my hand shakes, great thoughts come pouring out of my mind... And the rest is history. I have been drinking a lot of coffee. I like the color, I like the smell, with 3 packages of sugar I like the taste, and I like how it make my brain spin.

Today, however, I made a deal with the devil.

I said: "If I don't get out of bed on the first alarm, then no coffee!!"

I did not get out of bed.

I did not get coffee.

I did have a quite a headache and it was not pleasant, let me tell you.

So here I am, late in the afternoon and really needing some warm coffee goodness, but no. I will not do it. Sigh. And remember, all of this comes from a girl who was so sensitive to caffeine before that no matter the time of day she wouldn't be able to tame her racing mind in order to fall asleep...

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Ashley Cecil said...

You sell out. You gave me hope that not everyone in this world needed coffee. I guess I'm partially to blame for being a bad influence, however I am however down to two cups/week.