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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The Corner Office

I never really thought about the University of Cincinnati as an "office" however, according to our Dean, the law school is the "corner office" of UC due to its position on, well, the corner of campus. Anyway, we had a "Town Hall Meeting" which includes a free lunch and face time with the Dean. It is pretty cool that (A) the interested portion of the staff, students, and faculty can freely voice their opinions and ask questions about the school and (B) you will get an immediate answer or at least a response that may or may not address the question you ask. I think it’s so very important for those who run the school to be in touch with those who attend and work in the school. Apparently the students here to a good job recruiting others as UC Law has seen a 30% increase in applications from last year, whereas the law school applications across the nation have risen only 2% on average. Here's to my getting in at the right time!!

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