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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Clean Now, Craft Later


The building at 400 West Rich is a very cool, old facility. With its charm also comes a lot of dust, fallen paint chips, and apparently some wasps. Despite these things, the studio is my second favorite place to hang out (my apartment is a clear first!).

This weekend I worked to re-organize my art space and clean off the dirt that has settled over time on my supplies. The new-to-me glass (gifted to me by an artist on the West Side who can no longer work with stained glass due to a stroke) is organized by color and texture. Being organized is incredibly inspiring; I cannot wait to get back to work!

I am so grateful to the artist's daughter who found me via facebook and offered the supplies free to a good home. Some times the universe grins in my direction.

Hand Crafted Stained Glass Star Ornament
Available here.

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