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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

I Think Happiness is the Point

(started 01/20/12, updated 07/07/14)

At one point in my life, a long long time ago, both my BFF and (now former) significant other had blogspace devoted to happiness. One was a "mission" to "finding" happiness and the other was "waiting" to "find" happiness. I am not sure where I fit in to the spectrum of finding/waiting for happiness; all I know is that it is a necessary part of the daily journey.

It is quite often I find myself thinking: I am so incredibly lucky to have the life that I have today. I feel like a walking cliche when these thoughts cross my mind, but so it is. I must be easily pleased as there is nothing as fun as hanging out with my sisters, or watching my baby nephew grin at stuffed animals. There is a nice balance between working at my "real job" and playing in the studio with my "fake job" creating art.

I want for nearly nothing. Perhaps more sleep sometimes, or a partner to ride along with me for this wonderful part of my life's journey, but really, those things are sprinkles on my already well-iced cake of life.

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Ashley said...

I like your attitude. There is a lot to be grateful for.