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Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Another bad idea


Actually, this is a pretty good idea. When I was returning from Vegas, I realized I should have bought something for the office. Maybe a box of candy or another consumable. The thing about traveling is that I rarely want to carry around souvenirs while I am out and about and even more rarely have room in my luggage for extra things on the return wouldn't it be nice to have a store in my hometown with things from frequently visited cities?

It would solve a lot of my issues:

A. I wouldn't  need to get third suitcase while away and then have to lug it home and
B. When I totally forget someone I could fake remembering and
C. When planning a surprise trip, I could uses this store to help clue-in the person I am surprising (I am not sure in which universe I am surprising people with travel, but I hear this happens to others.)


A. there is already this thing called the internet and you can buy just about anything under the sun. so yeah, maybe this is a bad idea.

Glad we had this talk.

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