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Sunday, October 12, 2008

Gnomes are inappropriate dinner guests.

(10/12/08) I am not really sure how 11 days can pass since I last updated you about my fun (though work-filled) Cinci life. Last weekend was the SWEET RedBull Soap box races. The highlights were, of course, those cars that crashed as well as the "Last Supper" soap box which miraculously made it through the course without landing in the hay bales.

<---This picture is taken with one of the soap box crews
This weekend I went apple and pumpkin picking. After we're more than half way to the orchard, my friend Jen (who is driving and says she's never gone apple picking) tells me that she is mildly allergic to apples. Apparently her mouth "itches." This, I think to myself, explains why she's never gone apple picking! The mild allergy must not be too bad as she ate her fair share of apples while we "sampled" each of the 7 or 8 varieties. The rest of the evening for me involved peeling apples and making a great apple bake... mmm

Off to Kentucky for the next 3 days. It is our fall break! We have an entire week without classes. While I am sure a number of my fellow students are reading, outlining and studying, I am doing a very good job at watching tv, sleeping in and loafing in general. In Kentucky, 11 of us are sharing a 2 bedroom house (that alone will be a challenge for me) and during the day we're shadowing/volunteering with AppalReD lawyers. They are a non-profit serving the poor at no cost. Should be awesome! Details to come.

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jen said...

actually, i've just never gone apple picking. why, i can't really say. the allergy is actually new within the past 5 or so years.

thank you for the experience. (some of) the apples were very good. i'll let you know if the ones i have harm me in the days to come.

btw, your apple bake turned out awesome.