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Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Inspiration Overload

(10/01/2008) Have you ever had met one of those people who can rattle off her list of recent projects as you shake your head in disbelief at the work she's done in the past week, month, decade? Today was one of those days for me, three times over.

This morning we had a "Breakfast Club" meeting at school. The purpose is to bring a local attorney to talks to the students about the practical work they do in the city. Our speaker today has a life path I hope to follow: she spent a couple of years in corporate law making nice money, then made a transition into the non-profit sector as a director for a non-profit. Her group exists for the sole purpose of raising money for other groups (Community Shares). Sweet, I say to myself, this life plan can work...

THEN, our lunch hour was occupied by a panel of about 6 non-profit leaders. They told us about the work they do and how we can volunteer with them. One young director in particular struck me as an especially passionate and enthusiastic young person who I'd love to help as her organization grows. Lower Price Hill Community School has after school programs, teaches English and GED classes, and assists low income folks to find funding for college. What struck me most was to see a recent UC Law school grad already making waves in the community.

FINALLY, and most impressively, was the women at met over dinner. Her name is Jane Roberts and she started a movement called 34 Million Friends. She was angry at a budget cut which helped provide family planning, maternal health care, and helps to protect them from AIDS/HIV. In reaction to the cuts, she decided to ask 34 million Americans to give one dollar in support of the funding cut. (Check out her site, send $1 and really make a difference) What impressed me most was to see this 67 year old woman as enthusiastic and in love with her work as the barely 30-year old I met during lunch. I hope that I can maintain such conviction and energy when I am two and a half times as old as I am today!

That was my Wednesday. How was yours?

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