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Monday, November 17, 2008

Dog. Cat. Snake. Hamster. Kids.

If I had two kids who wanted a pet I would use the pleading and whining as a research and writing tool. We'd go to the library and learn how to find out about lifespan, food, cost etc. of these desired pets. Then we'd learn how to write all of this into a persuasive essay, assuming the kids want something different from the other. Ultimately, there would also be a lesson in government as the dictator (me) would rule on which pet (if any) would be obtained.

I spent a large part of last Friday night looking at picture of cats to be adopted. I really want one. And over the summer I wanted a bird. And before that a dog. So, if ever I get around to the research and writing about said pets, I will let you vote on the most persuasive argument I can proffer.

Yeah, this blog is dumb. But it is better than the current research and writing I am doing about "unlawful restraint" and "spousal privilege". BOORRING

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