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Friday, November 28, 2008

The good news is...

the good news is: I finally have new work out shoes. I have gone for a nice short walk/jog and they seem great and my injured toe is doing okay.

The bad news is: I know it is in my foot's best interest to stop dancing and running. I have been told by more than one medical professional that it won't get better and can only be fixed with surgery. Eeek! So I think that if I want to ever run that marathon, I had better do it now. The foot is going to get worse either way. Why not help it along to the inevitable?

other good news: thanksgiving was really nice. the family plus 5 was nice. i ate too much to even think of dessert but made up for the sweets tonight! today we visited grandma and it was a splendidly short and pleasant visit. the bad news: i have so much reading to do i can't even justify the time i spent in the car.

so, i am off to read for a bit then go spend the evening hours with amanda who, in and of herself, is good news. She's home for a month! (she lives in west africa the rest of the time)

also good news: i have a snazzy new hair cut. its a tad more shocking than even i expected, but it is exactly what i asked for. i love my stylist.

off to the books for now.

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