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Sunday, December 13, 2009

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle does have some limits...

(12.13.09) Let's just say I am a fan of reusing water bottles, making art from old magazines, printing on both sides of paper before adding it to my recycling bin, you get the idea. But this week I witnesses what I would like to call an extreme-green earther.

Here is what I saw: guy sits down a study desk in the public library, gets out a small plastic bag filled with cigarette butts and a clean sheet of rolling paper. He then proceeds to tap every remaining bit of tobacco out of the butts and on to the paper. (we're talking 2 dozen butts)

It was fascinating. It was disgusting. It was a great way to avoid studying for exams (like am doing now, does anyone understand hearsay??), and apparently a great way of getting a nicotine fix. He left as soon as he was done and returned a few minutes later, I can only imagine he was enjoying the fruits of his labor.

Believe-you-me, if I had a cancer-stick to offer the guy I would have given him one for now and one for later. Yuck.

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