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Thursday, December 3, 2009

Let's talk about the reasons I need to hire a supervisor (for myself)

Here is why I need a glorified nanny:

First, I went to get my hairs cut. They have been too long for too long and I was being threaten with banishment from society as one with a rat tail cannot keep good company. I had been putting off the hair cut because, so far, I have had THE WORST hair stylists (what is the PC word for them these days?) here in Cincinnati. There is one person in Columbus who I trust, but I didn't even drive to Columbus for Thanksgiving so there is no way I was going to go to Cbus for a hair cut. I digress. I went to get my hairs cut and the stylist was really listening to what I wanted (I even brought pictures). She cuts all of the hairs and is like: voila! And I am like: uhhh, you better keep cutting. So this brings me to why I need to hire a supervisor. More or less this person would have stopped the conversation after voila! and ushered me out of the salon. Then my hair would have looked *just like* the lady in the picture. But no. Now it just looks blah. The way it usually looks. (which makes me question whether or not all of the previous hair folks were really that bad)

Second, when Ashley Cecil gave me all of the remaining canned goods, unsold art, etc. from her apartment as she and the manfriend get ready to move to London. She also gave me these beautifully wrapped Christmas gifts. With my name on them. Nice. So when I got home, of course I practice no self control and immediately opened them all. They were awesome. Pause: this is where the "supervisor" would have stopped me mid-rip and would say, "uh, this seems odd, let's call Ashley to see if she really wanted you to open these." and then we would have found out that, of course she wanted you to wait to open them with her and she had simply given the gifts to me so that they didn't get packed away and shipped on a boat overseas! geez.

So those are just a few reasons I need to be more closely supervised. For more examples, just ask. (and to follow up, i re-wrapped all of the gifts ashley gave to me and chances are i will forget what is in them by the time we meet again)

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