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Friday, November 27, 2009

"You will spend your old age surrounded by comfort and wealth"

(11.27.09) Well, its "black" Friday (how black modifies a day of the week? I have no idea) and the crazies are out in full force. Or at least that is what I imagine. I slept in and only went to two craft stores at 830 this morning. It was nice. Everything I wanted was half price which makes me wonder: just how much I get ripped off every time I pay for something?

Here's another example, the furnace in my rental home stopped producing heat yesterday (Thanksgiving Day of course). I called our heating guy who "tapped on the sensor with a screwdriver" and it started to work again. I am thinking that just tapping on sensitive parts of the furnace when the heat stops is probably not the most effective fix. So I had him replace the sensor. So a $50 service fee is now a lot more expensive, but you know, I would much rather pay for that now and not worry about getting a phone in a week reporting the same issue and be out my $50 service fee. Oh the fun. I need a job to pay for all of this FUN.

PS: here's the link to the cartoon above

PPS: and the title today is classic fortune cookie wisdom

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jen said...

the black in black friday supposedly refers to the profit retailers (hope to) experience that day.