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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Let me see your sushi roll?

(03.18.10) Many years ago I attended a sushi making party in Louisville. I remember having so much fun that I asked the host to give me a copy of her the sushi party shopping list and instructions. Yesterday evening, I ressurected the instructions and, with Jen's help, made some fantastic food. Please enjoy the photo journey into the world of food adventures.

Ingredients: shrimp, avacado, cucumber, rice, seaweed wrap, wine (for the cooks of course)

Painstakingly smooth a very thin layer of sticky rice on top of the seaweek wrap. This is a lot more difficult that we thought it would be:

Assemble the ingredients on top of the rice:
Carefully start the rolling process, being sure not to include any of the plastic wrap and being careful not to tear the thin seaweed wrap:
Cut in half, then in thirds:
Ta-dah! Final product:

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Ashley Cecil said...

Damn! Well done! It is much harder than it looks. It's probably too late to tell you this now since you've learned from experience, but it helps to wet your fingers before you touch anything so the rice is less likely to stick to your fingers.