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Sunday, February 6, 2011

"The best times of your life have not yet been lived."

If the fortune cookie accurately predicts the future and the best times of my life have not yet been lived, then I cannot wait for the future!!

This weekend, Jen and I opted for a "stay-cation" -- one night in Columbus and the next in Cincinnati. No working, only playing. It was a fantastic vacation away from life!!

There is something about Columbus bars that are unlike anywhere else I have visited. Maybe it is just my luck or perhaps the general "awesome" of the people I spend time with, but all night people came up to us, introduced themselves with a firm handshake and shared hilarious good stories.As a result of Friday, I had to find the YES dance on youtube and I now have watched this wayyyyy too many times.

Our no-work weekend continued with Barrister's Ball (aka Law Prom) in Cinti. It was equally eventful and full of out-going, friendly people who made us feel right at home with inappropriate dance moves, awkward stories, and a zest for life. Jen has an internal magnet that attracts dancing gay boys. Need I say more? There is simply nothing better than two days of dancing and late nights.

Here's to more fun in the future.

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Ashley said...

The video...I'm speechless...