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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

LOVE is in the air.

And LOVE is on the bus...or at least that is what I could gather from the oddly matched duo in front of me on the Metro this afternoon. I knew it was love when the lady donning a washed out Starter jacket turned to ask me for a pen (which of course I was more than obliged to offer her, I love the people on the bus).

Quickly, however, her perhaps less-than-sober, equally under-dressed companion says, "I don't need a pen; I have a mind like a steel trap." Which really meant he had the ability to repeat things aloud. Over. And over. And over some more. (Actually, I also have memorized her digits, but don't worry, I won't be messing up his game any time soon. I swear.) My favorite part of their budding romance: when he asked if he could come to her sister's house and drink some beers. Why her sister's house? Because he is a gentleman. Why beers? I don't know, he didn't say, and I would HATE to speculate.

I am still working on the logic of that one.

And while I am feeling a tad snarky, let's just talk about public displays of affection. There is something creepy about watching total strangers (both to me and to each other, but for this serendipitous seat selection) nuzzling each other. (Nuzzling: you know, the head-butting thing a cat does to show affection, similar to that of a 2-year still working on the whole speaking-intelligible-words bit.) Perhaps this gesture is endearing in the privacy of one's home, but it strikingly repulsive on the bus.

That is all I can muster for today. More adventures to come!

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