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Friday, November 15, 2013

Because Candle Making is Also an Obsession of Mine...


I am off to Dayton, Ohio this afternoon to pick up an order of 100 pounds of EcoSoya wax for my other hobby of candle making. One pound makes roughly 4 small candles or 1 large candle with multiple wicks. All of the glass I use to make this craft is up-cycled. It is either old candle jars given to me by friends, family, and co-workers or glass food jars donated or rifled out of recycling bins sitting curbside.

I am very excited about this wax because it is 100% soy, burns clean and slow, and should have a great scent throw if we don't under-cook it!

If you've ever wanted to make your own candles, I would love to show you how and share my candle making supplies. For $5.00 per pound, you can join the fun. The only question is: your house or mine?

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