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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Full of IT


Dating through has allowed me to spend a lot of time thinking about answers to seemingly simple questions (When did you know you were creative? What was your childhood like?) with rather complicated answers.

After multiple dates with one person, I realized we had spent enough hours talking to earn a few credits in a college course, if of course, dating conversation were lectures. And they kind of are, aren't they? I know I am taking active notes of the questions asked and the answers given.

So I wondered, if I were to write a course of study about myself, what would be the course topics? Which books would I chose as required reading?

What would be your core course topics?

Here are mine:

First Semester:
1. Introduction to Philosophies: God, Social Justice, and the Never Ending Pursuit of Adventure
2. What's that You Said? The Art of Listening
3. No, that is Ugly! Introduction to color theory and home decor
4. Introduction to Annoyances: Chewing, Audible Pauses, and Other Unacceptable Behaviors
5. The Origin of Habit

Other semester ideas still under construction.

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