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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Tips for Your First Time


Last night, I had the great honor of ushering a friend, who shall remain nameless unless she opts to out herself, to take the plunge and just try it. She had a lot of excuses mostly the typical: "I am shy. I can't do that!" followed by giggles. Seriously, blushing and giggles. It is against the code to force someone to do it, so I didn't. I just strongly encouraged her. Strongly. I told her about my first time and the time I got my Dad to do it for his first time. It was an uphill battle, but in the end she did it. And then the flood gates were opened. And she did it again. And if we had more time (and another beer) I have no doubt she would have done it all night.

Thanks be to karaoke.

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