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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

To Stay or Not to Stay


My studio-mate was accepted in to graduate school for her painting skillz. She will be leaving the area, and the studio in June. Her leaving brought forward in my mind that question that is often nagging: why do you keep renting an art studio? Is it worth the money you pay every month?

How do you calculate the benefit of renting an art space, or any space or that matter? A good place to begin would be to look at the cost in dollars compared to the benefit in dollars. But what if there is a benefit that is soft, not easily converted in to dollars? Like: it feels good to be here. Or, how do you quantify the status associated with being a "member" of a "community"? Those are the soft things I cannot calculate.

There is a bit of inspiration that comes from just walking in to the dirty warehouse with giant, drafty windows and knowing there are dozens of other creators searching for their own muse to guide them to fully expressing the ideas within.

Perhaps the better question is not whether to stay or not to stay, but to ask if this is the art that fuels my soul and in turn expresses my creativity. If so, are there changes that need to be made or are things cool as-is?

Frankly, I would like to get two studio-mates to reduce the cost of the rent and I would not even be asking this question. Which answers the concern over whether I want to stay or not.

So, universe, help me find more people who want to share in the creative process by sharing a space at 400 West Rich street, okay?

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