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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Coming Right Along...


Last night I was able to actually turn off the distractions and focus on the projects that occupy my mind!

You may remember my Inspiration Everywhere post a few weeks ago where I showed you some research I started in pursuit of finally returning to a project I started in 2012. I have wanted to make some prints stylized after the great art made by the Bread and Puppet Theater Company. 

The subject matter for this print series came to me while attending the best church in the whole world (located in Cincinnati). You see, the Center for Spiritual Living of Greater Cincinnati has some really awesome tenants of faith. These tenants include core values that resonant with me beyond my wildest dreams. So, in response to my feelings I set out to make art so celebrate these values: 

Dynamic Energy!

Two of the sketches from 
And, as it goes with me, I chose to sketch ALL of the words at once and when I failed to finish, gave up entirely. So my sketch books has nice ideas for a lot of these values but still has empty pages waiting for inspirations.

This time, in 2014, when that whisper of inspiration for this project returned, I was bound and determined not to get lost in the enormity of newness. 

Though I wanted to go out and buy the largest linoleum I could find, all the paper I would need, the Speedball ink and roller and cutting tools, I forced myself to scale it back. 

I set out to make ONE PRINT AT A TIME. (brilliant, right?)
I borrowed tools from another artist instead of buying new.
I bought only a small piece of linoleum and no ink and no paper: one step at a time! 

This scaling back prevented me from becoming overwhelmed and I have actually been able to START ONE PRINT put one step in place before the the next step is started. 

Here's where I am: 

Pick just ONE inspiration at a time!

Outline the drawing with charcoal.

Transfer the charcoal image to the linoleum

The transfer didn't turn out too well the first time so I wiped it off and tried again.

Sharpies are the best! I traced all of the charcoal lines with black marker.

Now I have a great reverse image of the original!
Next step is to cut away the grey.
I will post more pictures as this project comes along.

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Mary Bozzetti said...

Looking good. Can't wait to see your progress. How do I follow your blog? Mary Ann.