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Tuesday, January 6, 2015

To Be a Forest Fire

"Most people want things like a candle-flame, flickering, shifting. You, on the other hand, want like a forest fire." 
-Neil Gaiman, “The Sandman: Endless Nights”

I have not read this book so I am not sure what context surround this quote. I found this quote somewhere along the way of life and it really made me pause. At first I thought, I want to want like a forest fire; to consume everything on my way to the destination. To be powerful, ferocious. But at the same time this way of wanting seems destructive, scary, uninspired, and without a destination. Though the slow burn of a candle may flicker, it rarely damages that which it surrounds. I guess that is the point; to want something without the ability to cause change will always leave you wanting...never having.

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