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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

As the concrete collides... the scenery grows

Across the street from the law school building an enormous historical high school building is being restored. This morning I watched a truck slinging rocks; yesterday they were pouring concrete. The lyrics from a Bright Eyes song called The City has Sex (full line: "The city has sex with itself I suppose; as the concrete collides where the scenery grows") has been playing through my brain today as a result of the ever growing and expanding scenery. How true it is to see the city expand as concrete collides with concrete.

Moving away from the literal interpretation of the lyrics, I found myself thinking of the ever expanding body of legal knowledge I am attempting to decipher. As our questions collide with the professors wisdom and our textbooks hypotheticals, I cannot help but to be completely enamoured by the "hugeness" of it all! Every day I keep learning concepts, theories, and practical examples of law. And tomorrow the same thing will happen. And then next day. You get it. I just keep growing. Like the city.

I am curious what keeps expanding in your life as things collide?


picktowngurl89 said...

maybe your next blog...
can be in english

-Colleen said...

oh dork. try for those words you don't know.