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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Its always there if you look

Imagine this:
I'm eating Chinese food with 2 new friends in Cinci.
One says to me: I hate fortune cookies, they are always right and apply directly to my life.

I laugh and tell him about my blog.

Dinner continues and I suggest an art project for him to work on, a project inspired by the gallery of a cool art musuem around here. We talk about it in length and decided its a great new project.
Then he opens his cookie and it reads:

Rather fantastic, I know.
We laugh. He makes a rude gesture at me to prove that fortune cookies creep him out. I insist that he should be pleased by the way the universe demonstrates itself to him through small pieces of paper.
I am so insistant on this greatness, that I require him to give a high five.

Then my cookie reads:

Oh, its always there if you want it to be.

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bridgeteve22 said...

So, strangely enough, I just opened your blog up to read this morning at work. I left my place this morning after snacking on some leftover Chinese food from last night. --I stopped to visit my dad last night for an easy Chicken and Broccoli (with white rice) dinner from the nearby Chinese food restaurant. Oh, they gave us free pops with our dinner too.-- After eating, I passed my dad his fortune cookie as I opened mine. I didn't keep it, but it referenced that I should not keep looking forever for happiness, that it was right next to me. I looked across at my dad and thought, no, it said 'next' to me, not across from me. So I looked to my right and there was a calendar. I will have to keep that in mind, as I have no idea what that could mean. (Any thoughts?) Anyway, I told my dad to open his... and he looked at me in confusion with his crumbled cookie in hand... he had no fortune in his cookie! (Any thoughts?) I suppose he must make his own fortune. I had just told him minutes before this that he was going to be a grandfather in about 5 weeks.
I am now craving Chinese food, just in the hopes that I can find the same direction and guidance that your fortune cookies provide to you.
P.S. (I learned how to say 'Apple' in Chinese.)