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Monday, January 19, 2009

Breath, just breath...

(01/19/09) It seems that it is sometimes hard to remember the basic necessities of life like breathing, drinking water, and laughing. Life just keeps throwing curve balls and I finished playing the game 6 innings ago.

I spent the weekend packing, cleaning and preparing my house for new renters. (thanks mom for all your hard work, Kelley too) However, when the renters came over to drop off the deposit and the measure rooms they had a change of heart. Low-and-behold, their furniture just wouldn't fit. Really? Really? Where's that deposit?? Sigh. Back to Craig's list, worrying, and asking everyone I know: do you have a friend that needs a great house in Reynoldsburg for $925 a month??

On the ride back to Cinci, I listened to a (conservative christian - my secret obsession) radio program that focused on how important it is to connect to people; that humans are built to be surrounded by and connected to others. It was a great reminder of the lovely friends who keep me; the good family that shows up when needed; the BFF who knows to call and what questions to ask; the closeness of a significant other... the list goes on.

See, financial life might be stressful and problematic, but the richness of my people-life is boundless.

Happy MLK Day.

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