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Thursday, January 22, 2009

Thursday, Friday, Saturday, March!

So many things I have to tell you, let me lay them out "to-do" style:

1. On February 22, I will attempt to climb 45 flights of stairs (802 stairs total) in the good name of the AMERICAN LUNG ASSOCIATION. Remember Elementary school when you had to Jump-Rope-for-your-Heart and raise money? Well this is the grown-up version of gym class. My local partner-in-crime have formed a team (Peanut Butter Jelly Climbers). We want to raise $150 and you can help! You can: join our team! -or- make a donation!!

Make a pledge online or give me your dollars in person... $10 goes a long way!

Lofty promise: If I raise $150 on my own, through you all, I will video myself and Jen doing the Peanut Butter Jelly song better than this kid and will post it on the blog

2. I got my law school grades back for the first semester. Let's just say I did not do so well but I did not loose my scholarship (which is based on GPA); so that is cool I guess?

3. My house in Reynoldsburg still needs a renter. Lemme know when you want to move in.

4. I LOVE THE BUS.No, really, I do. And this is the song I always sing while I wait.
(Today there was an exhausted mother and her two kids. The little boy (probably 5 or 6 years old) shoves his sister across the bus as they get on; mom doesn't see this and sister breaks in to tears. Mom tells her to go sit down and stop whining. Tears end, boy starts to sing: "Where is thumbkin? Where is thumbkin? Here I am! Here I am!" Tired mother wants nothing to do with this musical rendition of this fabulous tune and hushes him too. Then brother starts to recite the days of the week.... M, T, W, R, F, Saturday, MARCH! Exhausted mother makes him do it 4 times before he remembers SUNDAY, JANUARY, FEBRUARY *then* MARCH. I was cracking up and so too were the folks around me. Thanks bus 31, you're a riot.)

5. Law school has a prom. Can you believe it? I get to re-live those suppressed memories of my high school years. Yipee (secretly i am looking forward to it. Between the peer pressure and my hot date, it rocks)

6. I am going to Columbus on Friday to finish cleaning the house. Did I already mention that its for rent and your furniture WILL FIT?

7. Thanks for reading. This was hardly entertaining, but necessary. Thanks for reminding me to post more often, Kel!

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jen said...

good job with the fund raising page... and making me look bad. when did you do that anyway? and you're sadly mistaken if you think i'd allow you to take a video of me, much less while belting out the peanut butter jelly time song.