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Sunday, February 22, 2009

I did it!!

I climbed 804 stairs today! The American Lung Association hosts an annual fundraiser in Cincinnati is called Climb the Carew (its a high rise in the city). Jen and I marched our way up all 46 flights in around 17 minutes. It was surprisingly easy (though I had been specifically training my legs for the past 4 weeks), though I do not think I will join the crazy people who run the "vertical mile" which is 7 trips up and down the entire building. Hopefully my legs won't be aching tomorrow! (the stairs in the pictures are NOT the ones I climbed; I just thought they were pretty. I love google images search)

In other news, did I tell you I found a cat to adopt? Her owners are moving to India at the end of the summer and I will be adopting her sometime before they move. It saves her from spending a day in the shelter and saves me from the expense of buying a creature. More to come for sure.

Law school is still law school. I am trying a lot harder to improve my grades from last semester which unfortunately means saying no to hanging out. Ah, well. You only do it once and you have to decided which way its going to unfold.

I did, however take sometime this weekend to meet up with my BFF and her new beau. While that could be a story, I would rather tell you about this resturant called Bootsy's. I don't know too much about how it came to be but the interior was decorated in a style that I would call circus-clown-on-mushrooms-goes-bohemian. It was color overload. I was in heaven. The food was good too.

See, that wasn't so painful. I really should blog more often.


jen said...

17 minutes? i thought we did better than that. guess we'll find out when/if they post the times.

Ashley Cecil said...

I LOLed at "circus-clown-on-mushrooms-goes-bohemian." Yeah, it was fun. BTW, I hate you because you're getting a cat before me.