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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

2 Cups, 1 Girl

I don't drink caffeine for good reason. It makes me nuts. And in 10 hours from now, I still won't be able to sleep. That is what happens to your body when you condition it to respond (or not to respond in my case) to drugs.

Well they have free coffee on Tuesdays at the law school, and I have this 20 page paper due on Friday and so far there are only 13 pages. So I am counting on these 2 cups of coffee (which is really closer to 1.75 cups of coffee and .25 cups of sugar and cream) to power-hour myself to the end of the paper. Then I will have 2 full days to edit, aka re-write the entire thing.

Happy St. Patty's Day to you all. Its a sad day for me as I am, for the first time in about forever, not attending any parades, dancing in any bars, nor drinking any Harp, Guinness, or Smithwicks. The day is still young, so perhaps the beer part will change. We shall see.

Back to the paper writing, then off to tutor my 4th grader in Math and Social Studies! (2011 = graduation)

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