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Tuesday, September 9, 2014

An Open Letter to Kate Elvey


Dear Kate Elvey,

I did not buy any of these things for you. But I thought about it:
Needle Felted Brown Tabby and White Kitten: Miniature Wool Felt Cat
Available here.
Rainbow Unicorn - Micro Amigurumi Miniature Crochet Tiny Stuffed Animal - Made To Order
Available here.
Embossing Rolling Pin - Kittens
Available here.

Cute  Brown Short Hair  Tabby Cat Kitten Stud Earrings - A14E84  Made To Order - Marked Down Price
Available here

All I Care About Is Pizza And Like 2 People- T-ShirtAll I Care About Is Pizza And Like 2 People Graphic - T
Available here.

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